[ DEC 01, 2022 ]

Chapters 1 through 3.5 have been updated and are live again!!! They're not perfect but I hope you enjoy the (re)read anyway! So sorry for the delay and lack of content. Chapter 4 is being worked on and behind the scenes sneak peeks are being posted on Ko-fi! I'll try to release it as quickly as possible. I've also posted updates on Webtoons and Tapastic if you want to read along there but they're censored due to ToS.

This website under HUGE construction and it's taking a while since I'm the only one working on and building it so please bear with me while I get it to a more acceptable visual state. Hopefully it's enough to do the basics for now! Maybe a gallery in the future?

Thank you all for the support and I'll keep you posted on socials as well as reopening the newsletter soon 🧡




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